"She's an O'Keeffe-r!": Botswana Agate Necklace

"She's an O'Keeffe-r!": Botswana Agate Necklace

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STONE: Botswana Agate 

METAL(S): Mixed metals (may not be suitable for nickel allergies)

LENGTH: Long (Ribcage, Inner Bustline)

CHAIN AND CLOSURE: Lobster claw closure on a black ball chain


This beautiful "flower" is a Botswana Agate.

Many agates form in ancient lava tubes. These holes fill up with silicate over time, and the various layers harden at different rates, hence the characteristic banding. Often, the center of the nodules are empty, allowing quartz crystals (or "druzy") to grow towards the center. Thus, the last slices of agate towards the center often have beautiful, crystalized centers (as seen here). 

The Ancient Greeks first discovered agate (named after a river in Sicily), and LOVED it. They used it to decorate almost everything, and it was heavily featured in Bronze Age art. 

Botswana agate, of course, comes from the African country Botswana, but agates of various varieties can be found all over the world.